Material/queer theory: Performativity, subjectivity, and affinity-based struggles in the culture of late capitalism

  title={Material/queer theory: Performativity, subjectivity, and affinity-based struggles in the culture of late capitalism},
  author={Rob Cover},
  journal={Rethinking Marxism},
  pages={293 - 310}
  • Rob Cover
  • Published 2004
  • Sociology
  • Rethinking Marxism
This paper examines the return to an anticapitalist approach within lesbian/gay and queer antihomophobic activist struggles. Arguing that notions of queer identity are governed by a triumvirate of approaches which take into account economic structuration variously, I make a case for a stronger link between marxian and queer theory approaches by discussing the ways in which queer performative identities are constituted within a matrix of coherence that is implicated in late capitalist culture. 
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