Masturbation Among Young Women and Associations with Sexual Health: An Exploratory Study

  title={Masturbation Among Young Women and Associations with Sexual Health: An Exploratory Study},
  author={Harriet Hogarth and Roger Ingham},
  journal={The Journal of Sex Research},
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Much research into young people's developing sexuality is concerned with risk avoidance and the reduction of negative outcomes. Little research has been conducted into sexual self-exploration and, in particular, masturbation among young people, and this has generally been concerned merely with its prevalence. Little is known about the potential role of masturbation in relation to young people's developing sexuality, especially among young women. This study aimed to explore, using a qualitative… 

The Role of Masturbation in Healthy Sexual Development: Perceptions of Young Adults

A grounded theory study of 72 college students enrolled in a human sexuality class revealed that a young adult’s perceptions of and feelings toward masturbation were the result of a developmental process that included learning about the act of masturbation and how to do it, and internalizing the social contradiction of stigma and taboo surrounding this pleasurable act.

Sexual Subjectivity in Solo and Partnered Masturbation Experiences Among Emerging Adult Women

This qualitative study aimed to examine the experiences and attitudes toward masturbation among emerging adult women. The study was the first to compare women's solo and partnered masturbation

Masturbation Among Women: Associated Factors and Sexual Response in a Portuguese Community Sample

It is demonstrated that masturbation is a positive component in the structuring of female sexuality and appears to be related to a greater sexual repertoire, more sexual fantasies, and greater reported ease in reaching sexual arousal and orgasm.

Masturbation Experiences of Swedish Senior High School Students: Gender Differences and Similarities

While overall more men than women reported experience with several of the investigated aspects, cluster analyses revealed that a large proportion of men and women reported similar experiences and that fewer experiences are not necessarily associated with negative attitudes toward masturbation.

Sex, Desire and Masturbation: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Sexual Health Education for young women

British, Sex and Relationship Education has been condemned by Ofsted as ‘not yet good enough’ (2013:6). Previous literature would suggest this is through the absence of desire based knowledge. Other

Masturbation parameters related to orgasm satisfaction in sexual relationships: Differences between men and women

Objective Masturbation is a behavior that can enhance sexual functioning. This study aims to analyze differences between men and women in different masturbation parameters, and to examine their

The association between women's masturbation, sexual subjectivity and sexual assertiveness

Many women struggle to achieve sexual subjectivity and sexual assertiveness, which are both key features in women's sexual health. The purpose of this study was to examine whether women’s levels of

Prevalence of Masturbation and Associated Factors Among Older Adults in Four European Countries

Age, education, self-perceived health, and depression were for the most part predictive of men's reported masturbation, but not women's, and those believing sex is beneficial to older people were more likely to masturbate, while less permissive attitudes decreased the likelihood of reporting masturbation.

The association of female masturbation with self-esteem, body image and sexual satisfaction

The current study was conducted to examine the association between masturbation and relationship status with self-esteem, sexual satisfaction and body image in young women. The study analyzed data

Masturbation Among Sexually Active Young Women in Croatia: Associations with Religiosity and Pornography Use

ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence and correlates of masturbation among sexually active young women in Croatia. Data were collected in 2010 in a cross-sectional national



Masturbation and premarital sexual intercourse among college women: making choices for sexual fulfillment.

It is of crucial importance that the negative connotations of masturbation and its attendant impact on sexual satisfaction be addressed by sexuality educators, clinicians, and researchers.

Gender differences in masturbation and the relation of masturbation experience in preadolescence and/or early adolescence to sexual behavior and sexual adjustment in young adulthood

No linkage was observed between masturbation experience during preadolescence and/or early adolescence and intercourse experience, sexual satisfaction, sexual arousal, or sexual difficulties in relationships during young adulthood, suggesting that early masturbation experience is neither beneficial nor harmful to sexual adjustment in young adulthood.

High Schoolers' Masturbatory Practices: Their Relationship to Sexual Intercourse and Personal Characteristics

Young people whose parents provided a more open environment for the discussion of sexuality were more likely to report having masturbated, although the environment had a complex relationship with masturbatory practices as did young people's self-rated physical maturity compared to their peers.

Female sexual subjectivity and well-being: Comparing late adolescents with different sexual experiences

We compared females(N = 449, age 16–20) with different patterns of sexual experiences (i.e., sexually inexperienced, sexually experienced noncoital, and sexually experienced coital with early,

Attitudes and responses of parents to pre-adolescent masturbation

  • J. Gagnon
  • Psychology
    Archives of sexual behavior
  • 1985
Mothers played a more important role than fathers in transmitting knowledge and were more liberal in their attitudes, and parents who reported they had masturbated as children were most likely to report positive views and a high incidence of masturbation on the part of their children.

Deconstructing virginity - young people's accounts of first sex

In their first (hetero)sexual experience, young people are enticed into the gendered practices, meanings and power relations of heterosexuality. This paper draws on findings from two primarily

A matter of facts… and more: an exploratory analysis of the content of sexuality education in The Netherlands

A comparison of sexual health outcomes of young people in The Netherlands and the United States using the latest available data is presented, followed by results of a content analysis of sexuality education materials in the Netherlands and a case study of a widely used Dutch high school sexuality program.

Sexuality Education and Desire: Still Missing after All These Years.

Nearly twenty years after the publication of Michelle Fine's essay "Sexuality, Schooling, and Adolescent Females: The Missing Discourse of Desire," the question of how sexuality education influences

Pleasure, Pressure and Power: Some Contradictions of Gendered Sexuality

The AIDS epidemic has encouraged public discussion of safer sex, but heterosexual young women have to negotiate sexual relationships with men in situations in which sex is defined largely in terms of

The Use of Self-Pleasure: Masturbation and Body Image Among African American and European American Women

The current investigation examined the relationship between masturbation and body image among 96 women seeking services at a local family planning clinic in a mid-southern U.S. city. Participants