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Mastitis Control Program for Prototheca Mastitis in Dairy Cows

  title={Mastitis Control Program for Prototheca Mastitis in Dairy Cows},
  author={J. Kirk and R. Mellenberger},
Epidemiological and Clinical Aspects of the First Outbreak of Bovine Mastitis Caused by Prototheca zopfii in Goiás State, Brazil
Prototheca  zopfii was identified in six cows whose milk had a watery appearance and showed a pronounced decrease in milk yield, fat and lactose and the presence of this agent in other herds in the State is highly likely. Expand
Incidence of Prototheca Spp . in Milk Produced by Dairy Herds in Assiut City
Bovine mastitis associated with Prototheca is considered a rare pathology, but is increasing in prevalence all over the world and therefore becoming more relevant to the dairy industry, and Antibiotics sensitivity test was carried out to detect antimicrobial susceptibility of isolated microorganisms. Expand
Susceptibility of Prototheca zopfii strains isolated from cows with mastitis to chlorhexidine and iodine
In this study, 15 Prototheca zopfii isolates previously obtained from cows with clinical and subclinical mastitis in Poland were used and the MMCs were determined to be 0.3125%-1.25% for iodine and 0.0048%-0.0195% for chlorhexidine. Expand
Testing the Effect of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GFSE) on the Mastitsis-Causing Alga, Prototheca
It was found that not even the highest concentration of GFSE was effective at inhibiting the P. zopfii (G2) colonies, however, this study does not preclude that GFSE may be effective against P.ZopfII growth under different conditions. Expand