Masters and servants: Cultures of empire in the tropics

  title={Masters and servants: Cultures of empire in the tropics},
  author={Claire K Lowrie},
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Historicising sulfur mining, lime extraction and geotourism in Indonesia and Australia
Abstract In both Australia and Indonesia, artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) have thus far been neglected by historians of colonialism and scholars of geotourism alike. Our two case studies
Sex and Sexuality in Africa
‘What a Picture Can Do’: Contests of colonial mastery in photographs of Asian ‘houseboys’ from Southeast Asia and Northern Australia, 1880s–1920s
Abstract The archives of colonial Southeast Asia and northern Australia contain hundreds of photographs of masterly white colonizers and their seemingly devoted Asian ‘houseboys’. This article
‘Unwanted Scraps’ or ‘An Alert, Resolute, Resentful People’? Chinese Railroad Workers in French Congo
Abstract In the late 1920s, the colonial government of French Equatorial Africa decided to employ Chinese workers to complete their railway line. The employment of Chinese indentured labor had