Masterly Inactivity as Brinkmanship: The Iraq Petroleum Company's Route to Nationalization, 1958–1972

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  • S. Saul
  • Published 2007
  • Political Science
  • The International History Review
Floating on oil and antiquities: Iraq Petroleum, Al Amiloon Fil Naft and Iraqi cultural modernism
  • Tiffany Floyd
  • History
  • Journal of Contemporary Iraq & the Arab World
  • 2021
The Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC) played a paradoxically contentious and constructive role in the development and distribution of Iraqi modern art and visual culture during the twentieth century.Expand
An Oily Entente: France, Britain, and the Mosul Question, 1916-1925
ABSTRACT The First World War saw the emergence of a ‘politics of oil’/politique de pétrole centred on energy security. On both sides of the Channel, ministers toyed with different ways of achievingExpand
A crude marriage: Iraq, Turkey, and the Kirkuk–Ceyhan oil pipeline
ABSTRACT Since the discovery of oil at Kirkuk in northern Iraq, oil has shaped relations between Iraq and Turkey, as the former needed markets and export routes to the Mediterranean and the latterExpand
America's Search for Control in Iraq in the Early Cold War, 1953-1961
The United States emerged from the destruction of World War II a superpower with burgeoning global interests. Nowhere was this more evident than in Iraq. US policymakers greatly expanded theirExpand
Minority rights in post-war Iraq: an impending catastrophe?
Many commentators see Iraq as divided between Sunni, Shia and Kurds – and perhaps a few Turkmen. Nothing could be further from the truth. Iraq also has significant populations of Baha'is, Christians,Expand
Publications on financial history 2007
This bibliography covers publications that appeared during  and during the year  when they were not known before the deadline for last year’s bibliography. In this case the year ofExpand