Master of metabolic cycles

  title={Master of metabolic cycles},
  author={John Tileston Edsall},
  • J. Edsall
  • Published 1 December 1993
  • Philosophy
  • Nature
Hans Krebs: Volume 1: The Formation of a Scientific Life, 1900–1933.By F. L. Holmes. Oxford University Press: 1991. Pp. 491.Volume 2: Architect of Intermediary Metabolism, 1933–1937.By F. L. Holmes. Oxford University Press: 1993. Pp. 481. £40.00, $49.50 each. 
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A Brief On Biological Thermodynamics for Human Physiology.
The metabolism process under the light of energy exchange and exergetic performance is reviewed, and the role of the subject in understanding and combating diseases are highlighted.
Performance analysis of human respiratory system based on the second law of thermodynamics.
With the controlled supply of O2, the efficiency of the human respiratory performance increases with the decrease in O2 percentage, and due to partial oxidation of glucose at a reduced O2 level, exergy input from the metabolic reaction is less leading to increased exergetic efficiency.