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Objective: To review the current management of women with breast pain. Options: The effect of various treatment modes and health practices, including medications, was considered for the management of both cyclical and noncyclical breast pain. Outcomes: Effective and timely management of the woman with breast pain and improved quality of life. Evidence: A literature search was performed to identify reports published in English between 1975 and July 2003 using MEDLINE and Cochrane Database of… 

A Review of Breast Pain: Causes, Imaging Recommendations, and Treatment

While the causes of mastalgia are overwhelmingly benign, breast pain can significantly impact quality of life, and the breast radiologist should be familiar with causes, management, and treatment recommendations from a multidisciplinary approach.

Effective Regression of Mastalgia with Centchroman and Tamoxifen: a Randomised Comparison

Centchroman was found to be more effective than tamoxifen in relieving mastalgia and cost per unit successful relief of mastalgia in the centchroman group was 393 Nepalese Rupees and that in the tamoxIFen group was 311.5 Nepalesa Rupees.

Breast Tuberculosis in Women: A Systematic Review.

The great majority of patients had a positive outcome and the majority (69%) of patients received a 6-month anti-TB treatment (isoniazid, rifampicin, pyrazinamide, and ethambutol).

Prevalence of Cyclic Mastalgia Among University Students in Sudan

The early onset mastalgia in this study requires further exploration for determination of its risk factors.

Clinical Presentations of Breast Disorders in Pregnancy and Lactation.

  • D. Kulkarni
  • Medicine
    Advances in experimental medicine and biology
  • 2020
The treating clinical specialist must be aware of certain unusual unique clinical conditions in pregnancy and lactation including accessory axillary breast tissue, gigantomastia and Raynaud's phenomenon.

Clinical Factors Affecting the Therapeutic Efficacy of Evening Primrose Oil on Mastalgia

HRT, HRT, IUD-with-levonorgestrel, iron deficiency, overt hypothyroidism, and Hashimoto thyroiditis significantly affect the efficacy of EPO on mastalgia.

Evidencias en indicaciones de la progesterona

The clinical evidence evaluated on different indica- tions of progesterone demonstrates advantages in efficacy and safety in different regimens.

Clinical practice guideline for diagnosis and treatment of hyperplasia of the mammary glands: Chinese Society of Breast Surgery (CSBrS) practice guideline 2021

Hyperplasia of the mammary glands (HMG) is a nonogists, two radiation therapists, and two inflammatory and non-tumorous lesion due to different degrees of hyperplasia and subinvolution of the mammoth parenchyma and stroma.

Comparing the Effects of Dietary Flaxseed and Omega-3 Fatty Acids Supplement on Cyclical Mastalgia in Iranian Women: A Randomized Clinical Trial

It is demonstrated that flaxseed bread diet was an effective approach in decreasing cyclical mastalgia and could be prescribed to women as a simple treatment with few complications.

Benign Breast Disorders.



Mastalgia: a 3 year Australian study.

  • N. Wetzig
  • Medicine
    The Australian and New Zealand journal of surgery
  • 1994
For women with mastalgia, a systematic approach can achieve relief of pain and a complete response was achieved in 67% of women who took low dose danazol with minimal side effects.

Sports Brassiere: Is It a Solution for Mastalgia?

  • M. Hadi
  • Medicine
    The breast journal
  • 2000
Good external support by sports brassieres can relieve most of the patient's symptoms and most patients claimed that their lifestyle had changed dramatically after using the sports Brassieres.

Is there a role for surgery in the treatment of mastalgia?

It is concluded that surgery for mastalgia should only be considered in a minority of patients and patients should be informed of possible complications inherent of reconstructive surgery and warned that in 50% cases their pain will not be improved.

Drug Therapy of Mastalgia

Chest wall pain is usually self-limiting, but symptomatic relief can often be obtained using steroidal and local anaesthetic injections or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Reassurance in the Treatment of Mastalgia

It was concluded that reassurance should be the first‐line treatment for women with mastalgia and drug prescriptions are indicated only in patients refractory to this form of management.

Mastalgia and breast cancer: a protective association?

Cyclical breast pain--some observations and the difficulties in treatment.

This paper describes a retrospective study of the clinical aspects and treatment of 566 women with cyclical breast pain over a seven-year period and concludes that reassurance is the fundamental treatment.