Mast cells have a protumorigenic role in human thyroid cancer

  title={Mast cells have a protumorigenic role in human thyroid cancer},
  author={Rosa Marina Melillo and Valentina Guarino and Elvira Avilla and Maria Rosaria Galdiero and Federica Liotti and Nella Prevete and Francesca Wanda Rossi and Fulvio Basolo and Clara Ugolini and Amato de Paulis and Massimo Santoro and Gianni Marone},
In different human carcinoma types, mast cell infiltrate increases with respect to normal tissue and mast cell density correlates with a bad prognosis. To assess the role of mast cells in human thyroid cancer, we compared the density of tryptase-positive mast cells in 96 papillary thyroid carcinomas (PTCs) versus normal thyroid tissue from 14 healthy individuals. Mast cell density was higher in 95% of PTCs (n=91) than in control tissue. Mast cell infiltrate correlated with extrathyroidal… CONTINUE READING


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