Mast cells and pterygium.

  title={Mast cells and pterygium.},
  author={K S Ratnakar and V Goswamy and Lalit P. Agarwal},
  journal={Acta ophthalmologica},
  volume={54 3},
A total of thirty pterygia were studied for mast cells using metachromatic dye (toluidine blue) together with routine histological stains. On microscopic examination, the lesion was differentiated and classified into angiomatous, fibrous and mixed varieties based on the vascular and collagenous components. The mast cell counts were undertaken in all types and were found to have significant correlation with the morphological types when compared to normal conjunctiva. 15.1 +/- 3.1, 22.7 +/- 3.8… CONTINUE READING