Mast cells and angiogenesis in haematological malignancies.

  title={Mast cells and angiogenesis in haematological malignancies.},
  author={Domenico Ribatti and Enrico Crivellato and Stefano Molica},
  journal={Leukemia research},
  volume={33 7},
Tumor cells are surrounded by an infiltrate of inflammatory cells, namely lymphocytes, neutrophils, macrophages and mast cells (MCs). Increasing evidence indicates that MCs play a role in tumor growth and tumor-related angiogenesis in both solid and haematological tumors. In this review article, we discuss the involvement of MCs in angiogenesis in haematological malignancies and suggest that MCs might act as a new target for the adjuvant treatment of these tumors through the selective… CONTINUE READING

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