Mast cell tryptase promotes breast cancer migration and invasion.

  title={Mast cell tryptase promotes breast cancer migration and invasion.},
  author={Meng Xiang and Yiping Gu and Fengdi Zhao and Hong Lu and Sifeng Chen and Lianhua Yin},
  journal={Oncology reports},
  volume={23 3},
It has been reported that the number of typtase-positive mast cells was significantly greater in breast peritumoral tissue. However, the significance of tryptase in tumor growth and metastasis is unknown. Tryptase in surgical breast cancer samples was stained by immunohistochemistry. The effects of tryptase on breast cancer proliferation, invasion and migration were observed in vitro. We found significantly more tryptase in peritumoral tissue than in normal breast tissue. The increased tryptase… CONTINUE READING