Massless Pseudoscalar Fields and Solution of the Federbush Model

  title={Massless Pseudoscalar Fields and Solution of the Federbush Model},
  author={S.E.Korenblit and V.V.Semenov},
The formal Heisenberg equations of the Federbush model are linearized and then are directly integrated applying the method of dynamical mappings. The fundamental role of two-dimensional free massless pseudo-scalar fields is revealed for this procedure together with their locality condition taken into account. Thus the better insight into solvability of this model is obtained together with the additional phase factor for its general solution, and the meaning of the Schwinger terms is elucidated. 

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It is shown that the exact solubility of the massless Thirring model in the canonical quantization scheme originates from the intrinsic hidden linearizability of its Heisenberg equations in the



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