Massive relativistic particle models with bosonic counterpart of supersymmetry

  title={Massive relativistic particle models with bosonic counterpart of supersymmetry},
  author={Sergey Fedoruk and Jerzy Lukierski},
  journal={Physics Letters B},

Bosonized supersymmetry from the Majorana-Dirac-Staunton theory and massive higher-spin fields

We propose a (3+1)D linear set of covariant vector equations, which unify the spin-0 'new Dirac equation' with its spin-1/2 counterpart, proposed by Staunton. Our equations describe a spin-(0,1/2)

Higher Spin Symmetries of the Free Schrödinger Equation

It is shown that the Schrodinger symmetry algebra of a free particle in spatial dimensions can be embedded into a representation of the higher spin algebra. The latter spans an infinite dimensional

Master higher-spin particle

We propose a ‘master’ higher-spin (HS) particle system. The particle model relevant to the unfolded formulation of HS theory, as well as the HS particle model with a bosonic counterpart of

On Goldstone Fields with Spin Higher than 1/2

We review the properties of 3d non-linear models of vector and vector-spinor Goldstone fields associated with the spontaneous breaking of certain higher-spin counterparts of supersymmetry (so-called

Generalized twistor transform and dualities with a new description of particles with spin beyond free and massless

A generalized twistor transform for spinning particles in 3+1 dimensions is constructed that beautifully unifies many types of spinning systems by mapping them to the same twistor Z{sub A}=({mu}{sup



a Geometric Model of the Arbitrary Spin Massive Particle

A new model of the relativistic massive particle with arbitrary spin [the (m, s) particle] is suggested. The configuration space of the model is the product of Minkowski space and a two-dimensional

A bosonic model for particles with arbitrary spin

We formulate a simple classical model without Grassmann variables. Quantization of this model gives a unified quantum-mechanical description for massive and massless particles of arbitrary spin and


We consider firstly simple D=4 superalgebra with six real tensorial central charges Zμν, and discuss its possible realizations in massive and massless cases. Massless case is dynamically realized by

Classical Description of Spinning Degrees of Freedom of Relativistic Particles by Means of Commuting Spinors

We consider a possibility of describing spin one-half and higher spins of massive relativistic particles by means of commuting spinors. We present two classical gauge models with the variables xμ,

Fields on the Poincaré Group: Arbitrary Spin Description and Relativistic Wave Equations

In this paper, starting from a pure group-theoretic point of view, we develop an approach to describing particles with different spins in the framework of a theory of scalar fields on the Poincaré

Extended Higher‐Spin Superalgebras and Their Realizations in Terms of Quantum Operators

The realization of the N = 1 higher-spin superalgebra, proposed earlier by E. S. FRADKIN and the author, is found in terms of bosonic quantum operators. The extended higher-spin super-algebras,