Massive pleural effusions in cirrhotic patients with ascites.

  title={Massive pleural effusions in cirrhotic patients with ascites.},
  author={L Vargas-Tank and Carlos Piedra-hita Escobar and Gabriel Fern{\`a}ndez and Luciana Gregory Ritter and Jos{\'e} Constancio Ruiz Soto and Mar{\'i}a Isabel Jir{\'o}n and R Armas-merino},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology},
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A method is described based on the passage of air across the diaphragm to detect pathological diaphragmatic orifices in autopsies. This method was used in 65 post-mortem studies; orifices were detected in 7 cases. Only one of these appears histologically to be a real spontaneous orifice. This was found in the post-mortem study of a cirrhotic patient with ascites and massive and recurrent hydrothorax. In eight patients with cirrhotic ascites and pleural effusions, radioisotopes were introduced… CONTINUE READING