Massive intracerebellar hemorrhage in low-birth-weight infants.

  title={Massive intracerebellar hemorrhage in low-birth-weight infants.},
  author={Richard J. Martin and Uros Roessmann and Avroy A. Fanaroff},
  journal={The Journal of pediatrics},
  volume={89 2},
The clinical and pathologic observations of massive intracerebellar hemorrhage (destruction of at least one-third of cerebellar tissue) are described in six low-birth-weight infants. In all infants, severe progressive apnea associated with a falling hematocrit were the prominent clinical features. Four infants were asphyxiated at birth. Some degree of cerebellar hemorrhage (macroscopic or microscopic) was observed in 21% of 157 newborn brains examined at autopsy. The cause of massive… CONTINUE READING