Massive incisional hernia: abdominal wall replacement with Marlex mesh.

  title={Massive incisional hernia: abdominal wall replacement with Marlex mesh.},
  author={Richard G. Molloy and Kieran T Moran and R. P. Waldron and Michael P. Brady and William Oliver Kirwan},
  journal={The British journal of surgery},
  volume={78 2},
Marlex (polypropylene) mesh was used to replace the abdominal wall in massive incisional herniation in 50 patients. Seventeen unsuccessful attempts at primary repair had previously been made on nine patients. Patient follow-up ranged from 6 to 120 months (mean = 45 months). There was minor hernia recurrence in four (8 per cent) patients. In each instance it was due to partial detachment of the peripheral fixation of the patch. Complications were: wound infection, four (8 per cent); wound seroma… CONTINUE READING

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