Massive Lepton-Pair Production in Hadron-Hadron Collisions at High Energies

  title={Massive Lepton-Pair Production in Hadron-Hadron Collisions at High Energies},
  author={S. Drell and T. Yan},
  journal={Physical Review Letters},
  • S. Drell, T. Yan
  • Published 1970
  • Physics
  • Physical Review Letters
  • On the basis of a parton model studied earlier we consider the production process of large mass lepton pairs from hadron-hadron inelastic collisions in the limiting region, s --coo, Q 2 /s finite, Q2 and s being the squared invariant masses of the lepton pair and the two initial hadrons, respectively. General scaling properties and connections with deep inelastic electron scattering are discussed. In particular, a rapidly decreasing cross section as Q2/s 1 is predicted as a consequence of the… CONTINUE READING

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    The Parton Model and Its Applications


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    For a different application to photoproduction with a large momentum transfer as opposed to a large mass Q2 see J. Bjorken and E
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        Simple calculation shows that the exchanged longitudinal momentum fraction is finite andgiven by l/2 Lv I 7 +4 Q /s -17 , with r] being the fractional longitudinal momentum of the virtual photon
          The following discussion also applies if we work in the center-of-mass REFERENCES frame of the two initial hnclrons
            The last four papers will be referred to as Papers I, II, III, and IV, respectively