Mass spectrometric screening method for microcystins in cyanobacteria.

  title={Mass spectrometric screening method for microcystins in cyanobacteria.},
  author={Ken‐ichi Harada and Hiroshi Murata and Zhou Qiang and Masanao Suzuki and Fusao Kondo},
  journal={Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology},
  volume={34 6},
A screening method for microcystins in cyanobacteria, which consists of the formation of 3-methoxy-2-methyl-4-phenylbutyric acid as an oxidation product of microcystins by ozonolysis, and detection of 3-methoxy-2-methyl-4-phenylbutyric acid by thermospray-liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry or electron ionization-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry using selected ion monitoring, was developed. The ozonolysis made it possible to significantly reduce the formation times of 3-methoxy-2-methyl… CONTINUE READING
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