Mass generation in perturbed massless integrable models

  title={Mass generation in perturbed massless integrable models},
  author={Davide Controzzi and Giuseppe Mussardo},
  journal={Physics Letters B},

Energy level distribution of perturbed conformal field theories

We study the energy level spacing of perturbed conformal minimal models in finite volume, considering perturbations of such models that are massive but not necessarily integrable. We compute their

Integrability, non-integrability and confinement

We discuss the main features of quantum integrable models taking the classes of universality of the Ising model and the repulsive Lieb–Liniger model as paradigmatic examples. We address the breaking

Kinks and Particles in Non-integrable Quantum Field Theories

In this talk we discuss an elementary derivation of the semi-classical spectrum of neutral particles in two field theories with kink excitations. We also show that, in the non-integrable cases, each

Bound states of Majorana fermions in semi-classical approximation

We derive a semi-classical formula for computing the spectrum of bound states made of Majorana fermions in a generic non-integrable two-dimensional (2D) quantum field theory with a set of degenerate

The particle spectrum of the tricritical Ising model with spin reversal symmetric perturbations

We analyze the evolution of the particle spectrum of the tricritical Ising model by varying the couplings of the energy and vacancy density fields. The particle content changes from the spectrum of a

Neutral bound states in kink-like theories

Richardson-Gaudin models and broken integrability

The fundamental object in quantum mechanics is the wave function, which can in principle be obtained as a direct solution to the Schrodinger equation. Unfortunately, exact solutions to this equation

The lattice β-function of quantum spin chains

We derive the lattice β-function for quantum spin chains, suitable for relating finite temperature Monte Carlo data to the zero-temperature fixed points of the continuum nonlinear sigma model. Our

Leading corrections to finite-size scaling for mixed-spin chains

The leading corrections to finite-size scaling relations for the correlation length and twist order parameter of three mixed-spin quantum spin chains for the critical feature that develops at ϑ = π,

Excitation spectrum of doped two-leg ladders: A field theory analysis

We apply quantum field theory to study the excitation spectrum of doped two-leg ladders. It follows from our analysis that throughout most of the phase diagram the spectrum consists of degenerate



Massless Flows II:. the Exact S-Matrix Approach

We study the spectrum, the massless S matrices and the ground-state energy of the flows between successive minimal models of conformal field theory, and within the sine-Gordon model with imaginary

Form Factors in Completely Integrable Models of Quantum Field Theory

Completely integrable models of quantum field theory the space of physical states the necessary properties of form factors the local commutativity theorem soliton form factors in SG model the

Renormalization-group trajectories from resonance factorized S matrices.

  • Martins
  • Mathematics
    Physical review letters
  • 1992
From a simple resonance S matrix satisfying the «O 3 property», a large class of models possessing resonance factorized S matrices is proposed and investigated, predicting new flows in nonunitary minimal models.