Mass corrections to the fine structure of hydrogen - like atoms

  title={Mass corrections to the fine structure of hydrogen - like atoms},
  author={Edwin Salpeter},
  journal={Physical Review},
  • E. Salpeter
  • Published 15 July 1952
  • Physics
  • Physical Review
A relativistic four-dimensional wave equation, derived previously, for bound states of a two-body system is discussed further. For any "instantaneous" interaction function an exact three-dimensional equation is derived from it, similar to, but not identical with, the Breit equation. A perturbation theory is developed for a small additional non-instantaneous interaction. 

Electron-Deuteron Scattering in a Three-Dimensional Relativistic Framework*

I discuss a three-dimensional relativistic formalism that includes the effects of negative-energy states, approximate boosts of the two-body system, and current conservation. I also display the

Large-j Expansion Method for Two-Body Dirac Equation

By using symmetry properties, the two-body Dirac equation in coordinate rep- resentation is reduced to the coupled pair of radial second-order differential equations. Then the large-j expansion

A two-body relativistic equation for interacting nucleons

SummaryA relativistic equation for the study of nuclear systems is proposed. The effects due to the isovector nature of the pion field are taken into account by an additional contribution to the

A covariant two-nucleon wave equation with retardation contributions

SummaryA covariant wave equation is derived for the study of two-body nuclear systems. The retardation effects are consistently taken into account from the very beginning of the derivation. The

Breit interaction in multi-configuration relativistic atomic calculations

The Breit interaction which gives the leading correction to the Coulomb potential in quantum electrodynamics, is required for precision calculations of binding energies of inner electrons in heavy

Bound-state perturbation theory in four-dimensional momentum representation

  • G. E. Brown
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1952
A four-dimensional perturbation theory for bound-state problems is developed here. It is shown that modified S-matrix techniques and graphical methods can be applied to bound-state problems. The

Heuristic models of two-fermion relativistic systems with field-type interaction

We use the chain of simple heuristic expedients for obtaining perturbative and exactly solvable relativistic spectra for a family of two-fermionic bound systems with Coulomb-like interaction. In the