Mass collaboration: a case study [customer support system]

  title={Mass collaboration: a case study [customer support system]},
  author={Raghu Ramakrishnan and Andrew Baptist and Vuk Ercegovac and Matt Hanselman and Navin Kabra and Achla Marathe and Uri Shaft},
  journal={Proceedings. International Database Engineering and Applications Symposium, 2004. IDEAS '04.},
We present an overview of a novel customer support system developed at QUIQ between 1999 and 2003. The application was perhaps the first systematic use of mass collaboration, which builds on the observation that large communities of users can be effectively leveraged to help each other, and to advance the interests of the community as a whole. In recent years, mass collaboration has been proposed for uses such as information integration and even program debugging, and shows much promise. In… CONTINUE READING