Mass Opinion and Immigration Policy in the United States: Re-Assessing Clientelist and Elitist Perspectives

  title={Mass Opinion and Immigration Policy in the United States: Re-Assessing Clientelist and Elitist Perspectives},
  author={Morris Levy and Matthew Wright and J. Citrin},
  journal={Perspectives on Politics},
  pages={660 - 680}
We argue that widely accepted elitist and “clientelist” models of immigration policy in the United States unduly minimize popular pressure on policy-making. These models portray majority opinion in ways that fail to recognize divergence between the public’s abstract goals for immigration policy and its support for the concrete policy changes needed to achieve them. As a result, they obscure many important instances in which immigration policy accords with public preferences despite counter… 
Once Racialized, Now “Immigrationized”? Explaining the Immigration-Welfare Link in American Public Opinion
  • Morris Levy
  • Political Science
    The Journal of Politics
  • 2021
Recent research claims that American public opinion about welfare, long racialized, has become “immigrationized,” or formed on the basis of people’s feelings about immigration. However, the evidence
Immigration and the American Ethos
What do Americans want from immigration policy and why? In the rise of a polarized and acrimonious immigration debate, leading accounts see racial anxieties and disputes over the meaning of American
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Eight decades of opinion polls (1938–2019) on US refugee policies show that most Americans have historically opposed admitting refugees but this trend has been reversed in the twenty-first century.
Does Immigration Produce a Public Backlash or Public Acceptance? Time-Series, Cross-Sectional Evidence from Thirty European Democracies
After decades of relatively high inflows of foreign nationals, immigration is now at the center of substantial political divisions in most European countries and has been implicated in one of the
US-WählerInnen zwischen bürgerlichem Konservatismus und Donald Trump
  • H. Brinkmann
  • Political Science
    Rechtspopulismus in Einwanderungsgesellschaften
  • 2019
Kein rechtspopulistischer Erfolg hat weltweit so viel Aufmerksamkeit erregt wie die Wahl des Republikaners Donald Trump am 8. November 2016 zum Prasidenten der USA. Dies hangt nicht nur mit der
Civic Fairness and Group-Centrism


“Illegal,” “Undocumented,” or “Unauthorized”: Equivalency Frames, Issue Frames, and Public Opinion on Immigration
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The politics of immigration control in Britain and Germany: subnational politicians and social movements.
  • R. Karapin
  • Political Science, Medicine
    Comparative politics
  • 1999
A theoretical account of how antiimmigration mobilization grows and influences national policy through the leadership of subnational politicians and social movement organizations is offered, which argues that their actions are substantially autonomous from socioeconomic factors.
Immigration and the Evolving American Welfare State: Examining Policies in the U.S. States
The inclusion of racial/ethnic minorities is often considered an important factor leading to a relatively limited American welfare system. However, given the federal nature of welfare eligibility
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This article explores why liberal states accept unwanted immigration, discussing the cases of illegal immigration in the United States and family immigration in Europe. Rejecting the diagnosis of