Masculinity and Monstrosity

  title={Masculinity and Monstrosity},
  author={Klaus Dr Rieser},
  journal={Men and Masculinities},
  pages={370 - 392}
  • K. Rieser
  • Published 2001
  • Sociology
  • Men and Masculinities
This article analyzes characterization (of the monster and the “Final Girl”) and identification (of the male audience) in the slasher film. The author engages in a critical dialogue with key theories of gender in the horror film, particularly Carol Clover's work, arguing that these films, despite their formal deviance from Hollywood (gender) formulas—such as positioning a female figure at the center of the narrative—do not usually depart from that cinema's patriarchal signification. Indeed… Expand
Desublimating monstrous desire: the horror of gender in new extremist cinema
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This paper interrogates the construction of gender relations in the Twilight books and films, vis-à-vis issues of implicit and overt gender violence. A combination of ideological analysis, semiology,Expand
Fight Club's middle children of history: masculinity, cinema and modern culture
This essay aims to inquire into the emerging social tensions operating in, and upon, masculinity, and how film can be seen to reflect, and reposition itself, in response to these tensions.Expand
It Wants to Get Inside of You: Interrogating Representations of Women in Possession Films
As a genre that serves to unnerve its viewers, horror often operates outside of the formal codes and narrative tropes of mainstream cinema, making it conducive to portrayals that transcend societalExpand
It Wants to Get Inside of You: Interrogating Representations of Women in Possession Films
As a genre that serves to unnerve its viewers, horror often operates outside of the formal codes and narrative tropes of mainstream cinema, making it conducive to portrayals that transcend societalExpand
Lady and the Vamp: Roles, Sexualization, and Brutalization of Women in Slasher Films
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V. `You'll Like This — It's Feminist!' Representations of Strong Women in Horror Fiction
In this article, I will discuss the ways in which strong women characters are constituted in the 2005 film The Descent (Marshall, 2005). In doing so, I will unpack representations of these fictionalExpand
‘Wouldst Thou Like to Live Deliciously?’: Gothic Feminism and the Final Girl in Robert Eggers’ The Witch
Madden explores the legacy of Carol J. Clover’s concept of the Final Girl in the twenty-first century through an analysis of Robert Eggers’ gothic horror film The Witch (2015). Focusing on the linkExpand
Men and the Desert: Contested masculinities In Ice Cold in Alex
This article explores the relationship between space, identity and film through the war film genre and in particular Ice Cold in Alex (1958). Although war films have suffered particular neglect byExpand
Sticking to the Script: Sexual Scripts in the Slasher Sub-Genre
OF THESIS STICKING TO THE SCRIPT: SEXUAL SCRIPTS IN THE SLASHER SUB-GENRE The “slasher” sub-genre has been immensely popular, even spawning television shows that invoke the familiar slasherExpand


Men, Women, and Chain Saws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film
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The measurement of psychological androgyny.
  • S. Bem
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of consulting and clinical psychology
  • 1974
A new sex-role inventory is described that treats masculinity and femininity as two independent dimensions, thereby making it possible to characterize a person as masculine, feminine, or "androgynous" as a function of the difference between his or her endorsement of masculine and feminine personality characteristics. Expand
Male Subjectivity at the Margins
each piece. Chapters are entitled 'Beginnings', 'Kin', 'Becoming', 'Uniforms', 'Out', 'Mind and body', 'Together', 'Power and community', and there is minimal editorial text between each extract.Expand
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