Masculinities, the Metrosexual, and Media Images: Across Dimensions of Age and Ethnicity

  title={Masculinities, the Metrosexual, and Media Images: Across Dimensions of Age and Ethnicity},
  author={Donnalyn Pompper},
  journal={Sex Roles},
By inviting two generations of ethnically diverse men to define masculinity, this study makes visible ways men conform to, negotiate, and resist forces of hegemonic masculinity in the 21st century. Masculine gender role conflict theory provides underpinning for a textual analysis of empirical evidence gathered among U.S. young college men (N = 80) in focus groups and their fathers/uncles (N = 27) during interviews. Findings suggest that masculinities predominantly are defined in non-physical… Expand
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More Than Muscles, Money, or Machismo: Latino Men and the Stewardship of Masculinity
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Masculinities and ethnicities: Ethnic differences in drive for muscularity in British men and the negotiation of masculinity hierarchies.
  • V. Swami
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • British journal of psychology
  • 2016
Results indicated that White men had significantly lower drive for muscularity than Black and South Asian men, who were not significantly different from each other, and greater need for power was significantly associated with higher drive for muscles in ethnic minority, but not White, men. Expand


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Masculinity, femininity, and gender-related traits: a conceptual analysis and critique of current research.
  • J. Spence
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Progress in experimental personality research
  • 1984
The chapter discusses that the multidimensional nature of sex-role and other gender-related phenomena is also beginning to be recognized, and the general statement that masculine and feminine attributes and behaviors cannot or do not coexist has been effectively refuted. Expand
Gender Role Conflict, Drive for Muscularity, and the Impact of Ideal Media Portrayals on Men
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Changing Men and Masculinities in Latin America
Acknowledgments ix Introduction: Discarding Manly Dichotomies in Latin America / Matthew C. Gutmann 1 Contemporary Latin American Perspectives on Masculinity / Mara Viveros Vigoya 27 Urban Men andExpand
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