Masculinism and the Antifeminist Countermovement

  title={Masculinism and the Antifeminist Countermovement},
  author={M{\'e}lissa Blais and Francis Dupuis-D{\'e}ri},
  journal={Social Movement Studies},
  pages={21 - 39}
Little research has been done on antifeminism, whether from the perspective of the sociology of social movements or even of women's studies. Yet, a particular form of antifeminism has been at work for a number of years, more specifically, masculinism. Its discourse claims that men are in crisis because of the feminization of society and it mobilizes primarily around issues pertaining to the interests of fathers and spouses (divorce laws, alimony, child custody, violence). This article examines… 

Sexual Violence in the ‘Manosphere’: Antifeminist Men’s Rights Discourses on Rape

This paper explores the role that men’s rights activism (MRA) is playing in a contemporary backlash to feminist anti-rape activism. We engage in a discourse analysis of popular MRA websites to reveal

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The paper investigates the mechanisms of antifeminist communication norms, both on a theoretical and empirical level. Applying the concept of ‘cultural codes’ to the study of antifeminism we argue

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The objective of this article is to investigate the micro-politics of anti-feminist organisations – how they (re)produce their imaginary, ideologies and exclusionary agenda on the Internet;

“No Seat at the Party”: Mobilizing White Masculinity in the Men’s Rights Movement

ABSTRACT I use the men’s rights movement, an anti-feminist backlash movement consisting largely of straight, white men, to examine how high-status group members develop a collective identity

Masculinities, Crisis and Men’s Movements

  • Ana Jordan
  • Art, Sociology
    The New Politics of Fatherhood
  • 2019
This chapter analyses masculinity ‘in crisis’, an idea which has shaped, and been shaped by, men’s movements. Recurring crisis-of-masculinity narratives throughout history are discussed, suggesting

The Drama of Predatory Heteromasculinity Online

Using Erving Goffman’s ideas about theatre as a metaphor for social life, a dramaturgical framework is deployed to analyze content on an online neo-masculinist social movement community, The Red Pill

Relational autonomy from a political perspective

Individual autonomy is crucial to both liberalism and feminism and, to some extent, for similar reasons: that is, the insistence on everyone being able to shape her own life and not just have it

The Trolls Disappear in the Light: Swedish Experiences of Mediated Sexualised Hate Speech in the Aftermath of Behring Breivik

Feminist journalists have come to expect special resistance, and even threats, from men’s groups as part of their work as journalists. However, the biggest threats might not originate in men’s

Resistance and backlash to gender equality

Resistance to efforts to advance gender equality is a common feature of social life, whether in workplaces and other organisations or elsewhere. In this article, we review the typical character,

Feminist and Anti-Feminist Identification in the 21st Century United States

ABSTRACT Feminism and anti-feminism featured prominently in the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton was the first female major party presidential candidate and self-identified as a feminist



Fathers' Rights Groups, Domestic Violence and Political Countermobilization

Domestic violence continues to be a serious problem for women in the United States. As a result, the battered women's movement has been tireless in campaigning for greater awareness of the issue,

Conflicted Membership: Women in Fathers’ Rights Groups

Women who participate in mixed-gender, antifeminist movements are not a homogeneous group of actors who face no identity-based conflicts when they mobilize for these causes. Using 23 in-depth

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To understand backlash theoretically, we must first carve out an analytically useful term from the cluster of its common political associations. In colloquial usage, “backlash” denotes politically

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One of the most talked-about books of last year, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Backlash now explores the collapse of traditional masculinity that has left men feeling betrayed. With Backlash

The Gender of Racial Politics and Violence in America: Lynching, Prison Rape, and the Crisis of Masculinity

Perhaps not since Gunnar Myrdal's 1944 classic An American Dilemma has a book appeared as synoptic and unsettling as The Gender of Racial Politics and Violence in America. Here William F. Pinar

Organizational Responses to the Fatherhood Crisis

SUMMARY The emergence of fathers' rights groups, predominantly composed of men who have been personally affected by child support and custody laws, have been understudied up until this point. This

The Fathers' Rights Movement

Family law reforms brought about a new social movement and lobby group—fathers' rights. This article, based on a 2-year study involving participant observation, ethnographic interviews, and document

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In this essay, I start to sketch a research agenda about an electoral backlash against women's descriptive representation. Few scholars have considered the possibility of such a backlash. By

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Previously overlooked dimensions of movements and countermovements in conflict (a “conflux”) are suggested. Propositions concerning the forms and outcomes of countermovements are delineated. Civil

Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture

Acknowledgements Preface Introduction: Misandry in Popular Culture Laughing at Men: The Last of Vaudeville Looking Down on Men: Separate but Unequal Bypassing Men: Women Alone Together Blaming Men: A