• Biology
  • Published 1994

Mascarenotus nov. gen. (Aves, Strigiformes), genre endémique éteint des Mascareignes et M. grucheti n. sp., espèce éteinte de La Réunion

  title={Mascarenotus nov. gen. (Aves, Strigiformes), genre end{\'e}mique {\'e}teint des Mascareignes et M. grucheti n. sp., esp{\`e}ce {\'e}teinte de La R{\'e}union},
  author={C Mourerchauvire and Roger Bour and François Moutou and Sonia Ribes},
The extinct owls from the Mascarene Islands can be ascribed to a distinct genus, Mascarenotus, probably derived from the genus Otus. Commerson's Scops Owl, from Mauritius, known from a description and a drawing, corresponds to the same taxon as «Strix» sauzieri, described from fossil bones. The bone remains recently found in La Reunion are ascribed to a new species, M. grucheti. The genus Mascarenotus shows a striking parallelism with the extinct genus Grallistrix, from the Hawaiian Islands