Mary Versus Eve: Paternal Uncertainty and the Christian View of Women

  title={Mary Versus Eve: Paternal Uncertainty and the Christian View of Women},
  author={Vladimir Tumanov},
The Virgin Mary and Eve constitute two opposite sexual poles in the way Christian discourse has approached women since the time of the church fathers. This stems from a predicament faced by the human male throughout hominid evolution, namely, paternal uncertainty. Because the male is potentially always at risk of unwittingly raising the offspring of another male, two (often complementary) male sexual strategies have evolved to counter this genetic threat: mate guarding and promiscuity. The… Expand
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  • D. Buss
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Neuro endocrinology letters
  • 2002
Women's mate guarding, relative to that of men's, is triggered as a consequence of being mated to men high in income and status striving, rivals who are more physically attractive, and having a partner who shows signs of emotional involvement with another woman. Expand
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