Marxist Feminism and Anticapitalism: Reclaiming Our History, Reanimating Our Politics

  title={Marxist Feminism and Anticapitalism: Reclaiming Our History, Reanimating Our Politics},
  author={Meg Luxton},
  journal={Studies in Political Economy},
  pages={137 - 160}
  • Meg Luxton
  • Published 2014
  • Sociology
  • Studies in Political Economy
These are hard times for those of us who loathe capitalism—with its inevitable exploitation, competition, and rewards for selfishness and greed, along with its hostility towards values of compassion, economic sharing, co-operation, and solidarity. The capitalist classes, especially their Rightwing advocates, have done a thorough job of smashing their opponents. One of their greatest victories has been the way they have almost made alternative visions and the movements supporting anticapitalism… Expand
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These are hard times for those of us who loathe capitalism—with its inevitable exploitation, competition, and rewards for selfishness and greed, along with its hostility to values of compassion,Expand
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