Marxism before Marxism: Nikolaj Sieber and the birth of Russian social-democracy

  title={Marxism before Marxism: Nikolaj Sieber and the birth of Russian social-democracy},
  author={François Allisson and Federico D’Onofrio and Danila E. Raskov and Leonid D. Shirokorad},
  journal={The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought},
  pages={298 - 323}
Abstract The Swiss-Russian economist Nikolaj Sieber was one of the first who wrote about Marx in Russia. In this article we reconstruct the development of his thought by mobilising evidence about the intellectual and political context he lived in. We document his involvement within the Ukrainian national movement of the 1870 s and argue that this closeness was consistent with his take on the capitalist evolution of the Russian Empire. We discuss his importance in the Russian debates on the… 
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В статье предлагается анализ критических аргументов, высказанных Н.И. Зибером в адрес концепции ценности, которая принимается экономистами субъективной школы. Эти критические аргументы Зибер высказал


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