Marxism and the Chinese Experience: Issues in Contemporary Chinese Socialism

  title={Marxism and the Chinese Experience: Issues in Contemporary Chinese Socialism},
  author={Arif Dirlik and Maurice J. Meisner},
Encompassing more than 370 diverse areas - including vast tracts of wilderness, spectacular scenery and habitat, historic places, and urban parks - the U.S. National Park System is the envy of the world. This exhaustive illustrated Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive look at the history and development of the park system ever published. Noted environmental scholar Hal Rothman and Sara Dant Ewert explore the history, issues, and legacy of the National Park System, beginning with the passage… 
Theorizing Postsocialism: Reflections on the Politics of Marginality in Contemporary China
Recent years have seen a proliferation of writings on the politics of socialism and its aftermath in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Much of this work has aimed to make sense of the
Herman Gorter and the Origins of Marxism in China
Until 1921, the texts on Marxism aimed at reaching the Chinese Communist movement were dominated by an economic determinist interpretation of the materialist conception of history. Many Chinese
Changing the past to build the future : history education in post-Mao China
This study is concerned principally with the ways in which the school subject of History has developed over the past quarter century in the People's Republic of China. One of the key objectives of
Global South: Predicament and Promise
This essay explores possibilities for the establishment of a new global order, in which the Global South may play a central part. It traces the emergence of the concept historically, with special
The idea of a ‘Chinese model’: A critical discussion
This article questions the idea of a Chinese model. It argues that the so-called Chinese model is a variant of neoauthoritarian development associated with the developmental experience of other
Mis-step as Global Encounter: The American Dance Festival in Reform Era China
Abstract This article examines a pivoting moment in Chinese modern dance history—a four-year US-China dance exchange project known as the Guangdong Modern Dance Experimental Program that occurred as
Experiencing the De-statization of the Family Ritual in Postsocialist China: Morality, Resource and State Power
Abstract This paper seeks to elucidate the moral, resource and political elements being absorbed into the subjective experience of postsocialist change in contemporary China. It is observed that
From Deconstruction to Activism
This article explores how the increasing visibility of new collectives in contemporary China has shaped independent documentaries. Countering a prevalent approach to documentary studies that
“We Are the State”: An Entrepreneurial Mission to Serve the People in Harbin, Northeast China
How can we explain market actors’ desire to use the state as a model for their entrepreneurial efforts? This article examines the varied and uneven ways in which the state is mimicked and
Bureaucracy, Friends, and Money: The Growth of Capital Socialism in China
  • F. Pieke
  • Political Science
    Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 1995
Since 1978, the Chinese economic reforms that Deng Xiaoping initiated have given more room to market forces, legalized private entrepreneurship, and decentralized considerable decision-making power