Martyrs in rivalry: the 1096 Jewish martyrs and the Thebean legion

  title={Martyrs in rivalry: the 1096 Jewish martyrs and the Thebean legion},
  author={Eva Haverkamp},
  journal={Jewish History},
As part of his chronicle telling of the persecutions of Jews in 1096 during the First Crusade, Shlomo bar Shimshon, writing about 1140, told the story of the Jewish martyrs of Cologne who had taken refuge in Xanten. This account stands out as the most theological and programmatic text of the entire chronicle. The reason is to be found in the local constellations of Xanten. By probing the different levels of knowledge the Jews of Cologne, and Shlomo, could have had about Xanten and its role in… 
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Zur Stadtentwicklung von Xanten (12.-14. Jahrhundert)

,,Die Städte des Niederrheins . . . sind bei der allgemeinen Diskussion über die Entstehung des Städtewesens bisher recht schlecht weggekommen . . Die überwiegende Bedeutung Kölns hat nicht nur im

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