Martin Newell's original teapot

  title={Martin Newell's original teapot},
  author={A. Torrence},
  booktitle={SIGGRAPH '06},
  • A. Torrence
  • Published in SIGGRAPH '06 2006
  • Computer Science
Dr. Martin Newell researched advanced modeling and rendering techniques for digital image synthesis in the Computer Science Department of the University of Utah. This is the original "Utah Teapot," as presented by its creator in his Ph.D dissertation in the summer of 1975. The teapot became a "benchmark model" for image synthesis programs, as well as a computer graphics icon in the SIGGRAPH research community, and the computer animation industry that grew out of it. In 1975, shaded rendering of… Expand
Coaster: teaching computer graphics with a comprehensive project -- work in progress
C coaster, a project intended to teach an introductory computer graphics class by means of a sequence of programming assignments, discusses the sequence of assignments and how they relate to the topics, how all assignments themselves share code, and course policy strategies needed to maintain student progress. Expand
PASMVS: A perfectly accurate, synthetic, path-traced dataset featuring specular material properties for multi-view stereopsis training and reconstruction applications
A Perfectly Accurate, Synthetic dataset for Multi-View Stereopsis (PASMVS) is presented, consisting of 400 scenes and 18,000 model renderings together with ground truth depth maps, camera intrinsicExpand
Evolving Encoded Marking for Glove-Based Pose and Posture Recognition
It was found that textures can be used to encode information on a 3D surface to supplement computer vision systems and the path to further research is laid out. Expand
Data Reduction Methods for Deep Images
This research presents a novel and scalable approaches to compositing large images for use in visual effects work during deep compositing by utilizing real-time 3D image analysis and computer vision techniques. Expand
Precise algebraic-based swept volumes for arbitrary free-form shaped tools towards multi-axis CNC machining verification
An algebraic based approach and a computational framework for the simulation of multi-axis CNC machining of general freeform tools that readily generalizes to accept tools of arbitrary free-form shape as input, and at the same time, delivers high degree of precision. Expand
A prototype implementation of OpenGL SC on a massively-parallel architecture
  • Nakhoon Baek
  • Computer Science
  • 2014 IEEE/AIAA 33rd Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC)
  • 2014
This paper presents a prototype implementation of OpenGL SC on a massively parallel architecture, and chooses CUDA as the target parallel architecture. Expand
The City of Sights: Design, construction, and measurement of an Augmented Reality stage set
We describe the design and implementation of a physical and virtual model of an imaginary urban scene—the “City of Sights”— that can serve as a backdrop or “stage” for a variety of Augmented RealityExpand