Martin-Gruber Anastomosis- A Cadaveric Study in North Indian Population.

  title={Martin-Gruber Anastomosis- A Cadaveric Study in North Indian Population.},
  author={Neelamjit Kaur and Rajan Kumar Singla and Jagdev Singh Kullar},
  journal={Journal of clinical and diagnostic research : JCDR},
  volume={10 2},
INTRODUCTION Communications between peripheral nerves are important in the light of the fact that these are responsible for a myriad of clinical symptoms. Communication between the median nerve and ulnar nerve (Martin-Gruber anastomosis) is a frequent finding observed anatomically in 10%-30.6% subjects and physiologically in 5-40%. It may lead to exacerbated or attenuated clinical symptoms. AIMS & OBJECTIVES To find out the incidence of Martin-Gruber anastomosis in North Indian population by… CONTINUE READING