Martian surface / near-surface water inventory : Sources , sinks , and changes with time

  title={Martian surface / near-surface water inventory : Sources , sinks , and changes with time},
  author={Michael H. Carr and James W. Head},
Today, a 34m global equivalent water layer (GEL) lies in the Martian polar-layered deposits and shallow ground ice. During the Amazonian, 3m was outgassed, and 31m was lost to space and to the surface, leaving 62m at the end of Hesperian. During the Hesperian, volcanic outgassing added 5m, 7m was lost, and 40m GEL of groundwater was added to form outflow channels, leaving 24m carryover of surface water from the Noachian into the Hesperian. The Hesperian budget is incompatible with a northern… CONTINUE READING

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