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Martial Arts Studies: Disrupting Disciplinary Boundaries

  title={Martial Arts Studies: Disrupting Disciplinary Boundaries},
  author={Paul Bowman},
The phrase “martial arts studies” is increasingly circulating as a term to describe a new field of interest. But many academic fields including history, philosophy, anthropology, and Area studies already engage with martial arts in their own particular way. Therefore, is there really such a thing as a unique field of martial arts studies? Martial Arts Studies is the first book to engage directly with these questions. It assesses the multiplicity and heterogeneity of possible approaches to… Expand
The Invention of Martial Arts
Paul Bowman’s latest book is a journey into ‘media archaeology’, going beyond the usual classics (martial arts movies and novels) into the less explored or even uncharted medias (pop music, TVExpand
Limits of Understanding in the Study of Lost Martial Arts
Abstract The paper is organised around the notion of embodied technique. The recent attempts to formulate scientific methodologies for the reconstruction of medieval fighting techniques based on aExpand
The seven forms of lightsaber combat: hyper-reality and the invention of the martial arts
Martial arts studies has entered a period of rapid conceptual development. Yet relatively few works have attempted to define the ‘martial arts’, our signature concept. This article evaluates a numberExpand
Bruce Lee and the Perfection of Martial Arts (Studies): An Exercise in Alterdisciplinarity
This essay builds from an analysis of the philosophical underpinnings of Bruce Lee’s jeet kune do to an analysis of the current state of academic scholarship generally and martial arts studiesExpand
The patriotic narrative of Donnie Yen: how martial arts film stars reconcile Chinese tradition and modernity
ABSTRACT Mainland China’s rejection of various traditional institutions and the Maoist political doctrine in the period following Chairman Mao’s death in 1976 resulted in ideological disorientation.Expand
The Japanese and Korean Martial Arts: In Search of a Philosophical Framework Compatible to History
Abstract The popular discourse about Asian martial arts has often been surrounded by an aura of esotericism, so pervasive that it even influenced the academic discussion to some degree. Moreover,Expand
From the Calendar to the Flesh: Movement, Space, and Identity in a Mexican Body Culture
There are numerous ways to theorise about elements of civilisations and societies known as ‘body’, ‘movement’, or ‘physical’ cultures. Inspired by the late Henning Eichberg’s notions of multiple andExpand
Cultivating Health in Martial Arts and Combat Sports Pedagogies: A Theoretical Framework on the Care of the Self
The model proposed develops the Foucauldian notion of “the care of the self,” which has been considerably overlooked in martial arts scholarship, and places the situated practices linked to materiality and discourses at the centre of the theoretical and empirical analyses. Expand
Ancient wisdom, modern warrriors: the (re)invention of a Mesoamerican tradition in Xilam
Xilam is a modern Mexican martial art that is inspired by pre-Hispanic warrior cultures of ancient Mesoamerica, namely the Aztecs (Mexica), Maya and Zapotec cultures. It provides a noteworthy caseExpand
The Intimate Schoolmaster and the Ignorant Sifu: Poststructuralism, Bruce Lee, and the Ignorance of Everyday Radical Pedagogy
abstract: This article explores the rhetorical underpinning of the pedagogics of unlearning by way of a consideration of three figures: first, “the ignorant schoolmaster” as constructed by JacquesExpand


Stateless Subjects: Chinese Martial Arts Literature and Postcolonial History
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When the Body Becomes All Eyes: Paradigms, Discourses and Practices of Power in Kalarippayattu, a South Indian Martial Art
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‘Become your Best’: On the Construction of Martial Arts as Means of Self-Actualization and Self-Improvement
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The Shaolin Monastery: History, Religion, and the Chinese Martial Arts
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Capoeira: The History of an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art
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