Marsupial and monotreme enamel structure.

  title={Marsupial and monotreme enamel structure.},
  author={Keith S. Lester and Alan Boyde and Coral F. Gilkeson and Michael R Archer},
  journal={Scanning microscopy},
  volume={1 1},
We present some recent developments in our understanding of two basic questions: the origin, extent, nature and course of marsupial enamel tubules; and the characterisation of monotreme enamel, more particularly, the prismatic nature of platypus enamel. Methods used included SEM of methacrylate casts of marsupial enamel tubules, worn and cut surfaces of whole marsupial teeth, developing and erupted platypus teeth, and a well-developed molar of the newly discovered Miocene ornithorhynchid… CONTINUE READING