Mars mission would put China among space leaders.

  title={Mars mission would put China among space leaders.},
  author={Dennis Normile},
  volume={368 6498},
With its Tianwen-1—"quest for heavenly truth"—mission, China is aiming to join one of the most exclusive clubs in spacefaring by landing on Mars. Only two countries have accomplished the feat—the United States and Russia, and the Russian probe immediately lost communications. The Tianwen-1 lander will release a rover as well. The mission is due to launch at roughly the same time as NASA9s Perseverance mission, in July. And if both are successful, two rovers will be traversing the Red Planet at… 

Agnostic Life Finder (ALF) for Large-Scale Screening of Martian Life During In Situ Refueling.

Before the first humans depart for Mars in the next decade, hundreds of tons of martian water-ice must be harvested to produce propellant for the return vehicle, a process known as in situ resource

Three New Missions Head for Mars