Marrow Chimerism in Marmosets

  title={Marrow Chimerism in Marmosets},
  author={Kurt Benirschke and J. Maxwell Anderson and Lydia E. Brownhill},
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In the femoral marrow of three adult marmosets, two male Callithrix jacchus and one female Leontocebus rosalia, a number of opposite-sexed metaphases were found. It is inferred that this chimeric state resulted from intrauterine placental anastomoses between heterosexual twins. The lack of the freemartin effect in connection with this chimerism is discussed, and the structural nature of the Y chromosome in the Callithricidae is described. 

Single‐Born Marmosets without Hemopoietic Chimerism: Naturally Occurring and Induced 1

In this study non‐chimeric single‐born marmosets were produced by fallopian tube ligation or surgical relocation of one ovary in breeding females and chimerism occurred less frequently than what one would expect if resorption of a co‐twin had occurred after a functional anastomosis had been established.

Presumptive Evidence for the Absence of Functional Germ Cell Chimerism in the Marmoset

The combined breeding and cytogenetic data offer presumptive evidence against functional germ cell chimerism in the marmoset.

No correlation between chimerism and fertility inCallithrix jacchus (Callithricidae, Primates)

In this study, 40 individuals ofCallithrix jacchus were analyzed in order to investigate the frequency of chimerism and to determine whether the fertility of the colony was in any way affected by

Callithrix jacchus (Common marmoset)

There appears to be polymorphism of the structure of Y. marmosets, in some of the authors' specimens it is the smallest metacentric element as shown here, in other specimens this is a minute chromosome having an apparent subtelocentric configuration.

Naturally occurring, physiologically normal, primate chimeras

This study used a quantitative PCR-based assay to address whether this chimerism was restricted to blood and other cells of the hematopoietic lineage or whether it extended to other somatic tissues.

Germ cell chimerism in male marmosets.

  • S. Hampton
  • Biology, Medicine
    American journal of physical anthropology
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The effects of germ cell chimerism on the sex ratio of offspring was investigated and spermatocytes which lacked the conspicuous end-to-end association of the XY pair were considered to have originated from germ cells with an XX sex chromosome constitution.

Germ-line chimerism and paternal care in marmosets (Callithrix kuhlii)

It is proposed that the presence of placental chorionic fusion and the exchange of cell lines between embryos may represent a unique adaptation affecting the evolution of cooperative care in this group of primates.

What is a marmoset?

  • David Haig
  • Biology
    American journal of primatology
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Callitrichid primates typically give birth to twin offspring that are somatic chimeras of cells derived from two products of conception, and chimerism could help to explain the evolution of alloparental care and social suppression of reproduction in callitrichids.

Dizygotic Twins with XX/XY Chimerism

The first case of chimerism in man was reported by Dunsford et al. in 2012 and described as dizygotic twins who have two populations of blood cells.

Somatic chromosomes of the native African pig.

Cytogenetic analysis of the native African pig revealed the presence of auto-somal mosaicism (38/37) in bone marrow tissue. The population of cells with 37 chromosomes show unbalanced karyotype,



Blood Chimerism in a Pair of Twins

presence of female "drumstick" nodules on the nuclei of some of the polymorphs of the male twin shows that ancestral white cells too must have been successfully grafted. Mixed blood in dizygotic

Conversion of androstenedione-4-C14 to estrone by the marmoset placenta.

Conversion of androstenedione-4-C14 to estrone has been reported using a preparation of the marmoset monkey placenta in vitro. A possible relationship of placental endocrine function with fetal

Chromosome cytology and evolution in primates.

A brief survey is made of the recent developments and the current status of information theory and research on the Hawaiian disaster explores the consequences of an ambiguous warning system.

Sarcoma 180 Inhibition by Combinations of 6-Thioguanine and Uracil Mustard

Combinations of 6-thioguanine and uracil mustard produced greater inhibition of the growth of sarcoma 180 than that equivalent to the sum of the inhibitory effects caused by the optimum levels of the

Maintenance of Globulin Levels in X-irradiated Rabbits after Immunization

Irradiated, immunized rabbits did not form detectable antibodies but had significantly greater globulin levels than non-immunized, irradiated controls who were injected with antigen 24 hours after x-irradiation.

Water Relations of Plant Communities as a Management Factor for Western Watersheds

Altering natural succession may become a major way of modifying plant cover thereby increasing water yield and improving water yield in arable areas.

Force of Response during Ratio Reinforcement

Sharp decline in response force after reinforcement and progressive force elevation over a sequence of unreinforced responses were observed for subjects in a fixed ratio lever-press situation. It is

Impedance to Water Movement in Soil and Plant

The total impedance to water movement from the soil into the plant was compared with that predicted for the soil alone when soil suction was below 0.6 bar, and when suctionwas greater than 1 or 2 bars, the soil became the limiting factor.