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Marriage and family therapy : a practice-oriented approach

  title={Marriage and family therapy : a practice-oriented approach},
  author={Linda S. Metcalf},
There are many different models of marriage and family therapy; the challenge for students and beginning practitioners is deciding which one best suits their individual purposes. This highly practical volume elucidates the defining characteristics of 14 contemporary models, including their history, views of change, views of family and the role of the therapist; and methods of assessing family dynamics, goal setting; facilitating change; and knowing when to terminate. Each chapter also includes… 

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The Utility of Solution-Oriented Strategies to Support Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Grandparents in the intervention group, in comparison to the waiting list control group, reduced their level of depression, improved their parental efficacy, overall psychosocial adjustment, and increased their ability to choose effective goals.
Treating Financial Conflict in Couples Through a Bowenian Lens: Applied Financial Socialization and Communication Privacy Theories
Financial Socialization Theory and Communication Privacy Management theory offer insights into how financial conflict develops and is maintained in couples. Communication Privacy Management Theory
Family Roles, Family Dysfunction, and Depressive Symptoms
This work focuses on different roles individuals might adopt in their family of origin: hero, scapegoat, lost child, mascot, caretaker, and mastermind. It was explored whether family dysfunction in
Bowen family systems theory and family disintegration in Tennessee Williams's drama
The thesis examines the American psychiatrist Murray Bowen’s major contribution to his profession, Bowen Family Systems Theory, as a literary-critical tool to interrogate the theme of family
The Use of Humor in Psychotherapy: Views of Practicing Psychotherapists
ABSTRACT Clinicians hold diverse views about the appropriateness and effectiveness of introducing humor into the process of psychotherapy. The goal of this qualitative phenomenological study was to
Community Collectivism: A social dynamic approach to conceptualizing culture
A new scale to measure cultural values was validated in four studies and shows that, unlike individual-level measures of individualism/collectivism, this scale has excellent reliability, differentiates between cultural groups, and has predictive validity for future behavior.
Internationalized Intersectional Experiential Learning Environments That Go Beyond U.S. Contexts
Despite significant growth and development of the counseling profession, there continues to be less emphasis placed upon systemically oriented training and counseling approaches that consider
Navigating emotions and relationship dynamics: family life review as a clinical tool for older adults during a relocation transition into an assisted living facility
Insight is provided into how families organize individual and interpersonal narratives and use these narratives during transitional times and FLR can aid families in making a smoother and fulfilling move to an ALF and other late life transitions.
Influence of Premarital Counselling on Romance in Marriage Stability in Langata and Dagoretti South Constituencies of Nairobi County, Kenya
  • Psychology
  • 2019
Marriage stability is pegged on spousal connectivity and agreement where sexuality is a central activity between husband and wife. Lessons on romance and intimacy are mandatory during premarital
Evaluation of psychometric properties of the Relational Ethics Scale (RES)
Investigation of the psychometric properties of the Relational Ethics in married men and women in Ahvaz showed that this scale can be appropriately used in research studies as well as in premarital consultation and couple therapy by psychologists and family counselors.


Appropriately timed interventions with the family and the adolescent: the role of the therapist.
The case scenario of a troubled teenager is presented and a blueprint for family therapy integrating psychoanalytic, Bowen, Milan, and behavioral approaches can be used to assess and assist in the change process of the adolescent.
Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods
Major Events in the History of Family Therapy Foreword, by Salvador Minuchin, M.D Preface Part One The Context of Family Therapy Introduction The Foundations of Family Therapy The Myth of the Hero
Re-visioning family therapy : race, culture, and gender in clinical practice
Part I: Re-Visioning Family Therapy. McGoldrick, Introduction. Laird, Theorizing Culture. Falicov, The Cultural Meaning of Family Triangles. Kliman, Social Class as a Relationship. Walsh, Beliefs,
Family Therapy: An Intimate History
Because Lynn Hoffman has been in the field for almost forty years and has worked with so many of its influential thinkers, the book is also a history of family therapy's evolution. Her knowledge of
Family Therapy and Beyond: Where is the Milan Systemic Approach Today?
This paper reviews the current position of the Milan Approach in the family therapy field. Over the past 20 years this approach has made a major contribution to the development of family therapy
Interventive interviewing: Part I. Strategizing as a fourth guideline for the therapist.
  • K. Tomm
  • Psychology
    Family process
  • 1987
This paper, the first in a series of three, explores these four interviewing guidelines, which entail the therapist's decision making, including decisions about how to employ these postures, by differentiating a fourth guideline, strategizing.
Family Therapy An Overview
This new edition of Irene and Herbert Goldenberg's best-selling book takes readers on an examination of the history, development, training, research, and interventions of the rich field of family
Tales from Family Therapy: Life-Changing Clinical Experiences
Contents About the Editors * Contributors * Series Editor's Comments * Foreword * Preface * Acknowledgments * Therapy with Families * Courting the Unknown in a Cross-Cultural Context * A Game of
Assessing Families and Couples: From Symptom to System
PREFACE. 1. Introduction: A Four-Step Model for Assessing Couples and Families. I.TROUBLED CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS. 2. The Parentified Child. 3. Conflictual Couple/Triangulated Children. II.
Reflections under the lens: observations of a systemic therapist on the experience of participation and scrutiny in a research project
The London Depression Intervention Trial (LDIT) was set up in the early 1990s by Professor Julian Leff (Leff et al., 2000, and in this issue) to compare the relative efficacy and costs, in work with