Marriage, motherhood and research performance in science.

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Mothers of Invention?
Gender and motherhood dynamics feature prominently in research that examines professional workplace inequities. The rise of patenting as an available form of academic productivity presents a fruitful
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The present research investigated the influence of gender and tenure status in academicians’ experiences of balancing parenthood and an academic career. Men (n = 85) and women (n = 179) employed
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Penalties and premiums: The impact of gender, marriage, and parenthood on faculty salaries in science, engineering and mathematics (SEM) and non-SEM fields
The prevalence of gender wage gaps in academic work is well documented, but patterns of advantage or disadvantage linked to marital, motherhood, and fatherhood statuses have been less explored among
Disparities in publication patterns by gender, race and ethnicity based on a survey of a random sample of authors
Examination of gender and racial disparities in publishing in publishing finds that at every career level and within each discipline, women were under-represented in academic positions compared to men and an even lower percentage of women published at each academic level than were employed at that level.