Marl-based geopolymers incorporated with limestone: A feasibility study

  title={Marl-based geopolymers incorporated with limestone: A feasibility study},
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Building up and Characterization of Calcined Marl-Based Geopolymeric Cement
The present study mainly investigates the synthesis of calcined marl-based geopolymeric cement under different synthesis conditions including NaOH concentration, sodium silicate (SS)/sodium hydroxide
Calcined Low-grade Clays as Sources for Zeolite Containing Material
The continuous development and expansion of a raw material base in response to increasing environmental and technical requirements for most consumable commodities are crucial for the sustainable
Synthesis of Fly Ash-Based Geopolymers: Effect of Calcite Addition and Mechanical Activation
Blends of fly ash and natural calcite, mechanically activated for 0–400 s in a planetary mill, were used to synthesize geopolymers at ambient temperature. The calcite content in the blends was 0–10
A review of calcined clays and ceramic wastes as sources for alkali-activated materials
ABSTRACT Expanding and optimising the raw materials base in accordance with increasing ecological and technical requirements is one of the determining factors of a promising future for the constantly
A Review on the Modification of Geopolymer with Inorganic Mineral Materials
  • Yi Huang
  • Materials Science
    Materials Science Forum
  • 2019
Geopolymer has been applied in a great many fields such as cement and concrete, fire-proof material, heavy metal immobilization because of its excellent properties. In recent years, the additives


Carbonate mineral addition to metakaolin-based geopolymers
Resistance of geopolymer materials to acid attack
Factors affecting the geopolymerization of alkali-feldspars
Geopolymerization is a process by which Al-Si minerals undergo dissolution and polymerization in an alkaline solution to form a monolithic material with a high mechanical strength (Davidovits, 1991,
Study on Influence of Limestone Powder on the Fresh and Hardened Properties of Early Age Metakaolin Based Geopolymer
The objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of limestone powder as a filler material on the fresh and hardened properties of early-age geopolymer. The geopolymer was prepared by alkali
Alkali Activated Eco-friendly Metakaolin/Slag Geopolymer Building Bricks
Alkali activation of alumino-silicate materials is a complex chemical process evolving dissolution of raw materials, transportation or orientation and polycondensation of the reaction products. This