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Marketing Mix Modelling and Return on Investment PM Cain Taken from : Integrated Brand Marketing and Measuring returns

  title={Marketing Mix Modelling and Return on Investment PM Cain Taken from : Integrated Brand Marketing and Measuring returns},
  author={PM Cain and Philip J. Kitchen},


Econometric Measurement of the Duration of Advertising Effect on Sales
A survey of the econometric literature is undertaken to determine the duration of cumulative advertising effect on sales. The surveyed studies yield conflicting estimates of the duration interval.
Parameter Estimation for a Multiplicative Competitive Interaction Model—Least Squares Approach
Least squares estimation techniques are developed for a special multiplicative model based on the Luce choice axiom whose potential usefulness in marketing applications justifies estimation
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An intuitively appealing decision rule is to allocate a company's scarce marketing resources to where they have the greatest long-term benefit. This principle, however, is easier to accept than it is
Untangling the Effects of Purchase Reinforcement and Advertising Carryover
The dynamic evolvement of market share of a brand in a frequently purchased product category can be driven by two effects, purchase reinforcement, and advertising carryover. The first depends on the
Cointegration Analysis of the Advertising-Sales Relationship
The examination of stochastic properties of the annual advertising and sales data from the Lydia Pinkham Company reveals that the series are cointegrated and, therefore, possess a long-run
Maximum likelihood estimation of a complete system of demand equations
The Information Approach to Demand Analysis
This article approaches demand analysis in a probabilistic manner. The main ingredient is the value share (the proportion of total expenditure spent on a particular commodity), which can be regarded