Market fundamentalism versus religious fundamentalism: women's employment in Iran

  title={Market fundamentalism versus religious fundamentalism: women's employment in Iran},
  author={Roksana Bahramitash *},
  journal={Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={33 - 46}
  • Roksana Bahramitash *
  • Published 1 March 2004
  • Economics, Political Science
  • Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies
In December 2001, thousands of Argentines participated in a calerolazon, a peaceful march with cooking pans as drums, to protest against the situation of near economic collapse in their country. In the early part of the twentieth century, Argentina had been among the eight most developed countries in the world, and it continued to be prosperous in the post-World War II era. By the beginning of the twenty-first century, however, inflation was running at 5,000 percent, unemployment was rampant… 



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