Market Principles, Philanthropic Ideals, and Public Service Values in International Public Policy Programs

  title={Market Principles, Philanthropic Ideals, and Public Service Values in International Public Policy Programs},
  author={Diane L. Stone},
  journal={PS: Political Science \& Politics},
  pages={545 - 551}
  • D. Stone
  • Published 1 July 2007
  • Political Science
  • PS: Political Science & Politics
Just as there was a boom in the establishment of Master's of Business Administration programs over the past 30 or more years, today there is an equivalent boom in graduate programs in the field of public policy. This is so for the transition states of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the former Soviet Union where the dynamics of globalization and “Europeanization” are apparent and the pressures for reform pronounced (Verheijen and Connaughton 2003, 843). Appointing personnel with the… 

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