Market Price of Risk and Random Field Driven Models of Term Structure: A Space-Time Change of Measure Look

  title={Market Price of Risk and Random Field Driven Models of Term Structure: A Space-Time Change of Measure Look},
  author={Hassan Allouba and Victor Goodman},
  journal={arXiv: Pricing of Securities},
No-arbitrage models of term structure have the feature that the return on zero-coupon bonds is the sum of the short rate and the product of volatility and market price of risk. Well known models restrict the behavior of the market price of risk so that it is not dependent on the type of asset being modeled. We show that the models recently proposed by Goldstein and Santa-Clara and Sornette, among others, allow the market price of risk to depend on characteristics of each asset, and we quantify… 
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Pricing interest rate derivative securities , Review of Financial Studies 3 , 573 - 592 [ 9 ]
  • 1990