Market Demand for Civic Affairs News

  title={Market Demand for Civic Affairs News},
  author={Georgia Kernell and P. J. Lamberson and John R. Zaller},
  journal={Political Communication},
  pages={239 - 260}
This paper uses time series methods to test the relationship between civic affairs content and audience share for the ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news in the mid-1990s. Because these programs competed in the same market, but varied the amount of their civic affairs coverage, they present an excellent opportunity to analyze this relationship. The study uses hand-coded news abstracts and O.J. Simpson murder trial coverage as separate measures of news content. The study finds that lower levels of… 
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Paper Cuts: How Reporting Resources Affect Political News Coverage
  • E. Peterson
  • Medicine
    American Journal of Political Science
  • 2019
Focusing on newspapers in the United States, where industry-wide employment fell over 40% between 2007 and 2015, data is used to assess the relationship between reporting capacity and political coverage and demonstrates that economic pressure affects the political information environment by shaping the media's capacity to cover politics.
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