Markers of Turkish Cypriot History in the Diaspora: Power, visibility and identity

  title={Markers of Turkish Cypriot History in the Diaspora: Power, visibility and identity},
  author={Nergis Canefe},
  journal={Rethinking History},
  pages={57 - 76}
  • N. Canefe
  • Published 1 April 2002
  • Sociology
  • Rethinking History
This paper attends to the diasporic experience of Turkish Cypriots settled in the UK within the larger context of the relationship between memory and history. Two competing accounts of modern Cypriot history are compared. The first is the rendition of the events of 1974 by leading cultural and political organizations in the Turkish Cypriot diaspora community. The second is the narration of the same events produced by the individual memories and choices of the lay members of the diaspora. The… 
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