Marker-free transgenic corn plant production through co-bombardment

  title={Marker-free transgenic corn plant production through co-bombardment},
  author={Neswi S. Prakash and R. Bhojaraja and S. K. Shivbachan and G. G. Hari Priya and T. K. Nagraj and Venkatesh Prasad and Vishnu S. Babu and Tenneti Jayaprakash and Santanu Dasgupta and T. Michael Spencer and Raghava S. Boddupalli},
  journal={Plant Cell Reports},
The use of particle gun for the production of marker-free plants is scant in published literature. Perhaps this is a reflection of the widely held notion that the events generated through bombardment tend to have multiple copies of transgenes, usually integrated at a single locus, features which precludes segregating away the selectable marker gene. However, our previous studies have shown that single-copy integrants are obtained at a high frequency if limited quantity of DNA is used for… CONTINUE READING