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Marker-assisted pyramiding of leaf rust resistance genes Lr24 and Lr28 in wheat (Triticum aestivum)

  title={Marker-assisted pyramiding of leaf rust resistance genes Lr24 and Lr28 in wheat (Triticum aestivum)},
  author={Parveen Chhuneja and Yogesh Vikal and Satinder Kaur and Rippy Singh and Shruti Juneja and Navtej Singh Bains and Onika Berry and Achla Sharma and S. K. Gupta and Ashwini Marotirao Charpe and Kumble Vinod Prabhu and Harcharan Singh Dhaliwal},
  journal={Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences},
A study was undertaken to pyramid two effective leaf rust resistance genes Lr24 and Lr28 in ‘PBW 343’ wheat (Triticum aestivum L. emend. Fiori & Paol.) background, a ruling variety of North Western Plains Zone using marker assisted selection. ‘PBW343’ near isogenic lines with Lr24 and Lr28 developed through backcross breeding, were intercrossed and the marker assisted selection was conducted in the F 1 to F4 segregating generations using SCAR markers S73 719 and S421 570 linked to Lr24 and Lr28… 

Enhancing rust resistance in wheat through marker assisted backcross breeding

Findings of this investigation show the usefulness of marker assisted selection in precise introgression of the genes for stripe rust and leaf rust resistance in wheat cultivars.

Identification of SSR Marker Linked to Leaf Rust Resistant Gene Lr24 and Marker Assisted Transfer of Leaf Rust Resistance Genes into Bread Wheat

The newly identified SSR marker barc 71 linked to Lr24 can serve as a useful marker in gene pyramiding instead of SCAR marker SCS73719.

Resurrection of Wheat Cultivar PBW343 Using Marker-Assisted Gene Pyramiding for Rust Resistance

Modified marker-assisted backcross breeding was performed, and 81.57% of the genetic background was recovered in one of the selected derivative lines, PBW723, which showed enhanced resistance to stripe rust three years post-release.

Development of white-grain pre-harvest sprouting tolerant and pyramided protein-rich leaf rust resistant wheats using molecular breeding

These PHST lines exhibited high level of PHST (PHS score 2–3) associated with significant improvement in GPC with no yield penalty and resistance against leaf rust under artificial epiphytotic conditions.

Molecular and Phenotypic Characterization for Leaf Rust Resistance in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is one of the most important cereal crops worldwide, providing staple food for 35 % of the world population and greater durability of resistance could be achieved through combinations of race-specific genes.

Identified SSR Marker Linked to Leaf, Stripe and Steam Rust Resistance Genes in Some High Yield Potential Bread and Durum Wheat varieties

This study was conducted to identify SSR markers linked to leaf, stripe and stem rusts resistance genes Lr34, Lr 19 and Lr 47, Yr 10 and Yr 15 and Sr 2, Sr12, Sr 24, Sr 26#43 and Sr 25 to be used as

Enhancing spot blotch resistance in wheat by marker-aided backcross breeding

Two parallel backcross programs were conducted to transfer resistance against spot blotch in the susceptible cultivar HUW 234, and the genetic similarity of the selected BC3F3 individuals with the recipient parent reached as high as 94.3 %.

Development of white-grained PHS-tolerant wheats with high grain protein and leaf rust resistance

The present study involved incorporation of two major QTLs for pre-harvest sprouting tolerance (PHST) in an Indian wheat cultivar named Lok1, which happens to be PHS susceptible. For transfer of two

Marker‐assisted breeding for rust management in wheat

Resistance breeding using MAS technology have eliminated the creation of artificial rust epiphytotic for selection of rust resistance genes, and several wheat varieties developed through MAS breeding have already replaced the old susceptible wheat varieties.

Rust resistance in faba bean (Vicia faba L.): status and strategies for improvement

The current knowledge of host resistance and pathogen diversity is presented and rational breeding approaches aided with molecular markers to breed durable rust resistance in faba bean are proposed.



Development of PBW 343 Near Isogenic Lines for Leaf Rust Resistance Genes Lr24 and Lr28

The SCAR markers linked to leaf rust resistance genes Lr24 and Lr28 were used to validate the identity and to confirm the transfer of these genes in PBW 343 background and Reconstitution of PBW343 traits was observed in most of the near isogenic lines (NILs).

Adult plant response of near-isogenic lines and stocks of wheat carrying specific Lr genes against leaf rust

Near-isogenic lines and stocks of common wheat carrying specific Lr genes conferred a high degree of adult plant resistance (APR), while wheats carrying LrUb, Lr31 + Lr27 and Lr34 conditioned moderate susceptibility.

Effect of the leaf rust resistance gene Lr28 on grain yield and bread-making quality of wheat

Although a reduction in dough development time was found to be associated with Lr28, it can still be used extensively in wheat breeding programmes.

Marker-assisted wheat breeding: present status and future possibilities

Marker-trait associations are now known for a number of simple, but difficult-to-score traits, so that MAS has been found useful for improvement of several of these important economic traits.

Catalogue of gene symbols for wheat

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The Cobb scale and the modified Cobb (U.S.D.A.) scale were devised for estimating, by means of diagrams, the proportion of the area of a leaf or stem occupied by rust pustules, are presented, providing a basis for more objective and accurate determinations.

Integrating marker assisted background analysis with foreground selection for identification of superior bacterial blight resistant recombinants in Basmati rice

This work integrated background analysis using mapped microsatellite markers with foreground selection to identify superior lines that combine useful genes from a non-Basmati BB resistance donor line IRBB55 with grain and cooking quality characteristics of the popular Basmati rice variety 'Pusa BasMati I' (PB 1) employing backcross pedigree strategy.

Marker assisted introgression of bacterial blight resistance in Samba Mahsuri, an elite indica rice variety

This work demonstrates the successful application of marker-assisted selection for targeted introgression of multiple resistance genes into a premium quality rice variety, Samba Mahsuri.