MarkeTrak VIII: Consumer satisfaction with hearing aids is slowly increasing

  title={MarkeTrak VIII: Consumer satisfaction with hearing aids is slowly increasing},
  author={Sergei Kochkin},
  journal={The Hearing Journal},
  • S. Kochkin
  • Published 1 January 2010
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  • The Hearing Journal

A Study of Korean Hearing Aid Satisfaction Survey Based on MarkeTrak VIII

This research presents a new probabilistic procedure called “spot-spot analysis” to characterize theaudiology of language impairment and its role in speech pathology and audiology.

Automated design of Bayesian signal processing algorithms

This chapter developed “ForneyLab” as a Julia toolbox for message passing-based inference in Forney-style factor graphs, and shows by example how ForneyLab enables automatic derivation of Bayesian signal processing algorithms, including algorithms for parameter estimation and model comparison.

The effect of cost, benefit, and level of technology on patient preference and satisfaction with hearing aids

HINT results revealed no difference between hearing aid technology level and the ability to improve speech discrimination in noise abilities in participants, and results from the Post-Fitting Questionnaire displayed greater satisfaction with entry-level hearing aid.

Hearing Aids

The chapter gives an overview and brief summary of the remaining chapters in the volume, describing the components that are used in hearing aids; the needs of users; the signal processing that is used in Hearing aids for listening to speech, music, and environmental sounds.

Current Strategies Used to Assist in Adjustment to Hearing Aids

The study demonstrated that HEAR is feasible and could improve hearing aid use of a substantial number of older persons who had previously failed to adjust to their hearing aids and had given up.

Sounds perceived as annoying by hearing-aid users in their daily soundscape

It is indicated that hearing-aid users often experience annoying sounds and improved clinical fitting routines may reduce the problem.

EuroTrak I : A Consumer Survey About Hearing Aids in Germany , France , and the UK First global comparative study of hearing , hearing loss , and hearing aids

  • Medicine
  • 2011
It is the ambition to develop EuroTrak to become a point of reference for different stakeholders and to deliver longitudinal data and the opportunity to study trends in the European markets—t trends that can be compared with related US trends.

Beyond hearing aid fitting: Patient-centered aural rehabilitation in adults with acquired sensorineural hearing impairment

This dissertation aims to provide a chronology of the events leading to and following the publication of the constitutions of the Catholic Church in Great Britain and Ireland.

Binaural Spatial Mapping OptiMizeS real – WOrld Hearing aid BeHaviOr

Binaural Spatial Mapping Optimizes Real – World Hearing Aid Behavior For decades, researchers and clinicians have emphasized the importance of bilateral hearing aid fittings in minimizing disruptions



MarkeTrak VII: Customer satisfaction with hearing instruments in the digital age

INTRODUCTION Digital hearing instruments as a percent of fittings have grown from 5% in 1998 to nearly 90% in 2005.1 In terms of active hearing instruments in consumers’ ears over the last 5 years,

Increasing hearing aid adoption through multiple environmental listening utility

It is the thesis that hearing aid adoption rates cannot improve appreciably without a corresponding increase in the utility of the device.

MarkeTrak VIII: 25-Year Trends in the Hearing Health Market

This publication covers 25-year trends in the hearing-impaired population including: hearing loss prevalence, hearing aid adoption rates, hearing loss screenings during a physical exam, distribution of hearing aids, and hearing loss characteristics of hearing aid owners and non-adopters.

MarkeTrak I : Introducing MarkeTrak : The consumer tracking survey of the hearing instruments market

  • Hear J
  • 1990

MarkeTrak III identifies key factors in determining customer satisfaction

  • Hear J
  • 1993